Meet our furry friends

Here at Owl Head Lodge we have an abundance of both farm animals that we take good care of and local wildlife that we are respectful to.

Our Farm Animals

We have a small Highland cattle breeding program that is in operation. We have a stud bull whose name is Archibald (or Archie for short). He was born in Bowral in 2021 and weighs close to 700kgs. As far as bulls go, he is a happy and well-behaved bull.

We also have Stella who is the oldest Highland cow we have and has the biggest horns. She was born in Cowra in 2014. Bonnie who was also born in Cowra in 2022 is Stella’s oldest daughter. Elsie was our first calf born at Owl Head Lodge she is also Stella’s daughter and Bonnie’s younger sister. Elsie always tries to play with Bonnie but like most big sisters she doesn’t have much time for her younger sister.

Opal is our all black cow with nice half-moon horns. She was born in Canberra in 2018.

You might spot a little Highland calf (they look like big teddy bears) in the paddock next to their mum, we will keep them with their mum until about six months of age until we wean them off and later sell them to someone who we ensure will take good care of them.

They all have name tags in their ears so you can identify them. Please do not enter their paddocks, they are not aggressive, but they are still big heavy animals with no manners. If you would like to get up close with them and feed them, please contact Rob to arrange.

Along with our Highland cattle we also have Alpacas, Nigerian Dwarf goats and a horse roaming around in our paddocks.

At the rear of our property you will see hundreds of acres of farmland which hold grazing sheep and cattle.

Local wildlife

We have lots of different types of native wildlife on and around our property. Kangaroos are often seen hopping along our road at the front of the property. There is a huge mob numbering the hundreds in our local area.

You may see many native birds including huge Wedge-tailed eagles patrolling the farmland at the rear of our property. We also have kites, kestrels, rosellas, galahs, kookaburras and cockatoos.

Rabbits, hares and foxes will be out and about at night and in the early morning. We also have deer around the local area.

After rain you may hear thousands of frogs from the creek behind our property all singing out at night. There is also a few large resident blue tongue and shingleback lizards in our gardens too.